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I went to my Dr. the first part of February 2009. I was 41 years old, 20 lbs over weight, a list of "symptoms" of things that were wrong with me and extremely high Cholesterol. My triglycerides were 581 - stroke level! I saw the advertisements for boot camp and decided to give it a shot.


 Because most of the women in my family are over weight and not so healthy. I knew that I had a real challenge ahead of me. My Mom and I started boot camp mid-February. We wrote down everything we ate, counted calories and fat grams and went to boot camp 3 days a week. It was so much fun and best of all, started seeing results in just a few weeks! I encouraged my sister-in-law, Tricia and a few other friends to join also. By May, I was "symptom-free", had lost 25 lbs. and best of all my triglycerides are down to 87! I dropped over 500 points! I PROUDLY wore a bikini this summer at age 42! Even my teenage sons said how great I looked. I have a ton more energy, have lost a total of 28lbs., about 15 inches and even have muscles! Even though I reached my goals, I still go to boot camp 3 days a week, feel great and still have a blast doing it! Thanks to Trevor and Innovative Fitness I don't have to play the cards that my family genes have dealt!

Debbie Jenkins​

My primary goals in hiring Trevor Carney as a personal trainer were to 1) create a healthy lifestyle that would help balance spiritual, physical and mental well-being, 2) establish a work-out relationship with my husband, 3) Serve as positive role model for my children, and 4) improve the family eating habits.

By following Trevor’s advice in implementing healthy eating habits and adhering to regular work out sessions, I’ve seen not only accomplished my goals, but have decided to take those goals to another level.

In addition to having an impact on my family and me, Trevor was able to establish a regular exercise program for senior citizens at my place of employment.  By doing so, he has assisted over 25 seniors in improving their physical well-being.  Trevor and his staff are encouraging, motivating and professional in facilitating lifestyle changes for people with physical fitness or nutritious eating goals.


Eilleen Winkle

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